Collaboration with RATP & SNCF RÉSEAU

“Mid-2018, RATP & SISGEO started to collaborate in the development of a new instrument to automatically measure the dynamic vertical displacement (rail swing) of the railway tracks (also known as “dance”).

After testing several prototypes during months, the measurement method, sensor technology and mechanical designs have been selected and all parameters have been fine tuned.

A group of engineers from SNCF Réseau have been invited to visit the RATP testing site and, early 2020, SISGEO joined the Digital Open Lab which became the Rail Open Lab from 1st of January 2021. This lab is a fantastic collaborative platform between industrial companies, SNCF Réseau, the FIF (French Federation of the Railway Industry) and SERCE (Professional Union for Energy and Digital Transition Business Services) with a common objective to accelerate the digitalization of the maintenance operations and of the railway network operations.

In this frame, SNCF Réseau & SISGEO started to collaborate in developing innovative IoT solutions for the railway infrastructure monitoring. The FLX-Rail® instrument for measuring the swing of the railway for each train pass together with the static rail or railway inclination has been successfully tested in real conditions.

2021 is starting with already several new projects to evaluate. Thanks to the RATP and SNCF Réseau teams for their valuable support!”


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