AIDA IoT web data platform

Aida IoT is an innovative, web-based platform for the real-time management, processing and visualization of monitoring data from all sensor types.

Through its web pages, the data are at any time available to the user in graphical and tabular formats.


  • Flexibility and customization: project set-ups, hierarchies, reports, dashboards and interactive maps.
  • Ease of use and fully automatable system.
  • Management of a plurality of devices, static and dynamic, with integration also of data from third parties.
  • Dedicated modules for specific applications through ad hoc processing.
  • User-configurable multi-factor automatic alert generation, display and management.
  • Advanced features for statistical-mathematical, automatic and manual analysis.
  • Predictive (Forecasting) capabilities based on Machine Learning for monitoring data.
  • Tools using AI for file for recognition and data import.

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