About us


The railway sector deserves the most advanced surveillance solutions to guarantee the highest level of safety.
SISGEO RAIL® is the specialized brand of the SISGEO Group dedicated to the railway industry and rail monitoring solutions.
Our mission is to actively participate in the digitization of worldwide rail infrastructure providing unique value through both cabled and IoT monitoring solutions.
Thanks to the recognized experience of SISGEO in the field of structural and geotechnical instrumentation, through large investments in innovation and R&D, SISGEO RAIL® is able to meet the industrial and technological challenges linked to the development of this strategical and environmentally friendly transportation mode that is the train.

logo-sbv-technoloySBV® TECHNOLOGY

SBV®(Start By Vibe) is a revolutionary Patent Pending technology that enables data acquisition only when needed.
Discover SBV® technology in FLX-Rail system!