FLX-Rail®, specially developed for the railway swing monitoring, automatically and continuously measures the maximum vertical deformation of the rail at each passage of a train. This phenomenon is commonly known as “rail swing” or “rail dance”. The FLX-RAIL® is comparable to a connected voidmeter (RTVMD).
The instrument is installed between the track and the ballast, fixed under the rail using two powerful magnets: this solution allows quick and easy installation. Another key point is the innovative technology called SBV® (Start By Vibe), patented, which activates the instrument just before the train passes.
FLX-Rail® can be equipped with a biaxial inclinometer (MEMS technology) for static rail tilting monitoring and a PT-100 temperature probe for measuring the rail temperature.
The FLX-Rail® is the innovative instrument which enables complete and accurate railway swing monitoring.

FLX-Rail® LoRa, the autonomous wireless version is now available and its installation has never been simpler: no tools, no glue, no drilling operation are necessary.

The measurements are then immediately transmitted via LoRaWAN. FLX-Rail® uses transmission on the 868MHz frequency: you must ensure whether there is radio coverage with this frequency at the installation site via a local utility provider. Also check that the 868MHz frequency can be used at the installation site.

FLX-RAIL® LoRa is also certified according to the demanding railway norm EN 50125-3 clause 4.13 to resist to shocks and vibrations.

Combining the FLX-RAIL® together with the AimSight camera provides the first and unique global railway infrastructures automatic monitoring solution for :

  • Railway tracks geometry monitoring (both static & under load) of cant, twist and rail gauge
  • Railway embankment
  • Catenary infrastructures (post, contact wire, etc)
  • Thermal rail monitoring »

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