RDS – Railway Deformation System

The RDS Railway Deformation System is a non-conventional monitoring system designed by Sisgeo for automatic monitoring of railway longitudinal deformation and the track cant (or track twisting).
RDS utilize last-developed MEMS technology, and it is usually applied to monitor railway settlements and track deformation caused by nearby or underground works.
RDS permits to monitor the rail track geometry as:

  • Railway longitudinal level: measured in “mm” as a difference of level between two points located at preset intervals (commonly every 3m);
  • Railway transversal deformation (or railway cant): measured in “%” as inclination change of two sleepers located at a certain intervals (commonly every 3 or 9m).

Compared to the traditional systems, including topographic surveys, RDS offers high performances, significant reduction of the operating costs and monitoring of active tracks.

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