AIMSight camera-based remote monitoring system

AIMSight is a smart, autonomous and versatile camera-based remote monitoring system, successfully deployed since 2017 in the following areas:

  • Civil engineering structures
  • Construction site impact and site safety
  • Natural hazards
  • Railway applications

The combination of the reflective position markers with state-of-the-art optical filters and illumination systems ensures the highest-possible marker positioning accuracy in the image plane. The reliability of measurement is improved by orders of magnitude when compared with other image-based monitoring systems. The system can also be deployed as a cloud-based solution to leverage existing image streams into structural-health-relevant data, e.g. to perform long-term monitoring through an existing surveillance camera network.

In combination with adequate reflectors, measurements a at over 1km are possible.

Key factors

Versatility: monitoring small deformations or large displacements in every type of infrastructure under your responsibility
Speed: Web interface, easy to install solution
Safety: No maintenance at the measuring point
24/7 structural and natural hazard monitoring from your desk or phone
Thermal monitoring
Water flow monitoring
Combining the FLX-RAIL® together with the AimSight camera provides the first and unique global railway infrastructures automatic monitoring solution for :

  • Railway tracks geometry monitoring (both static & under load) of cant, twist and rail gauge
  • Railway embankment
  • Catenary infrastructures (post, contact wire, etc)
  • Thermal rail monitoring

And many other possible applications.

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